Pfc. Donald Lyle Elliott

United States Marine Corps

2nd BN, 3rd Marines, 3rd MarDiv, III MAF, H&S Co.

Quang Tri Province, SVN

August 7 1950 - August 10, 1969

Donald Lyle Elliott

Pfc. Donald Lyle Elliott

U.S. Marine Corps Yearbook

Courtesy of Marine LCpl Dan McKay

2nd Bet / 3rd Marines 3rd Mar Div 3rd MAF H&S Company

About This Site

The Memorial to honor the short life and memories of a beloved son, brother, nephew, cousin uncle and friend Marine Pfc. Donald L Elliott was originally built as a simple site in early 2011. In time a new memorial would replace the old one in 2012 and now this memorial was launched only in February 2013. It is hioped it is worthy to bear his name. It was though a part of a much larger site. Since I am the sole editor, my fear is that being in poor health, my death might cause these tributes to two ourstanding Marines and friends to dissapear. So, on February 23, 2013 the domain " was registered. Although my name is on the registration, I am only the care taker. Should direct family members of this departed friend come forward, the site will be transferred to their ownership as well as the balance of the 3 year period. It is not my intent to take ownership of this name, but to preserve the name associated with a memorial to honor a great friend and a permanent part of our American history.

Veteran's Pages & Honor Roll

Out of respect to Pfc. Donald Elliott, the honor roll is open to ALL U.S. and NATO Veterans of ALL conflicts. From the Veteran's home Page, click on menu item "Sponsor A Vet". It is free and as editor, it would be my privilege to create a Memorial Tile.

How To Help Build This Memorial

We really do need your help with building this memorial to our late friend and U.S. Marine Donald Lyle Elliott. You do not need to know web editing and no financial aid is asked nor will be accepted. If you wish to contribute money, please contribute to your favorite charity in Donald's name. What is most needed is your thoughts, stories, letters and memories as well as pictures.

Your contributions of these items will allow us to create a memorial thaty tells a story about this brave young man. It is our desire to see that Donald L Elliott's short life is not limited to a name carved on a wall or in the memories of those who loved him. Those of us who knew him personally are getting on in years, so telling our stories about Donald is the best way to present this living, breathing American hero. It is also a beautiful way to remind others of the sacrifice of 58,204 other young Americans like our beloved friend and hero Donald Lyle Elliott. Thank you for helping us remember our Marine.

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