Pfc. Donald Lyle Elliott

United States Marine Corps

2nd BN, 3rd Marines, 3rd MarDiv, III MAF, H&S Co.

Quang Tri Province, SVN

August 7 1950 - August 10, 1969

Donald Lyle Elliott

Pfc. Donald Lyle Elliott

U.S. Marine Corps Yearbook

Courtesy of Marine LCpl Dan McKay

2nd Bet / 3rd Marines 3rd Mar Div 3rd MAF H&S Company

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Brave Marines
I did not know any of the Killed in the initial attack, however, our Sgt was killed when we landed in the helicopters to retrieve the bodies. Due to the intense shelling we had to place all the bodies on the ground until the next morning. We slept or tried to right there with our dead fellow Marines. During the night, one of my comrades actually put his M16 to my head and asked me if " I was dead" as I was right beside these brave dead Marines. The sights I saw when we picked up the bodies still haunt me to the day. Especially, the Marine lying dead across a log. His entire body was shattered by probably a direct mortar blast from the rear.

Jerry Buchanan
September 5, 2016

The Text
Saw This Man Across The Coffee Shop,
Whom Before I Had Never Met.
I Read The Cap He Was Wearing.
It Said He Was A Vietnam Vet.
So I walked Up To Him And Said
"I Would Like To Talk To You About Your Hat".
He Said "I've Been To War Son,
What Do You Know About That?"
I Replied With All Due Respect,
"I'm Not Knocking What You've Been Through,
I'm Simply Here To Extend My Hand,
And Offer A Simple Thank You."
"I Was Just A Little Kid When You Came Home.
Now I Am All Grown Up.
I Am Giving You The Respect You Were Never Shown."
Why Is He Telling Us This,
You Might Be Asking Yourself.
I Appreciate Those Who Protected Me.
I Didn't Forget About Them On Some Shelf.
Some Came Home, Others Died.
Some Are Still MIA.
I Appreciate Every One Of Them
For The Freedom I Have Today.
It Didn't Matter To Me
Which War They Had To Fight.
I Thank Every Veteran I Meet.
Because Of Them, I have That Right.
© RIGrayWolf
Russell Pescatore
June 13, 2014
You will never be forgotten along with all the others that was there in 1969
Jim Richardson, Oklahoma
The Shadows Of Heroes

Most of my life I walked in the sunshine.
Now I walk in the shadows of Heroes.
Those heroes in my life are now gone
yet their shadows still remain.
It is in their shadows I will walk.
Since they can no longer speak.
I will be their voice.
Although they can no longer see,
I will be their eyes.
While they can no longer cry,
I will shed their tears.
Since they are now defenseless,
I will be their defender.
I will forever keep a close vigil over their memories.
I will protect their legacy as if my own.
I am honored to walk in the shadows of my heroes
all the while feeling the warmth of their presence.

Author: Lawrence Michael celani, Memorial Day 2014
To you Don and mt dad along with the other heroes in my life
Never forgotten.
Semper Fi
Antonio Gonsales, Texas
To say the least, this is a very nice memorial to Donald by his great friend Lawrence. On the anniversary of Mutters Ridge, there will be a memorial card posted on Echo Companies web site. I'm not allowed to enter the URL here but you can find it on the front page that Larry created. Rest in peace Donald.
Semper Fi
Paul Marquis, Florida

This year will mark our 45th anniversary of our personal battles that we have had to deal with what happened at Mutters Ridge on 10 August 1969 and the following 2 days.

For many of us that made it back home it has been a constant war within to forget but it's just not that easy. There are those constant thoughts of what "if" but life goes on and we can't change anything. At the same time we wish to remember those that we knew and those that died there and a part of us that died that day. "I remembered my friends today when

they died on that hill so far away.
Broken bones and shattered dreams.
I wonder if they give Purple Hearts for
bleeding minds and broken hearts.
I remembered my friends today..."
Never knew Donald. I was just one of those Marines that survived that day at Mutters Ridge.
Antonio Echo 2/3 KIA/Family Survivor Unit Rep

Don we can not thank you enough for the service to the country at such a time of troubles. Speaking for myself, your school mates and family are very proud for your kindness to make it a better place for all of us to grow old in peace. Thanks again may you forever rest in peace.

Best Regards Ron Cameron

Don is often in my thoughts. We were best friends and joined the Marine Corps on the buddy system. Unfortunately we were split up because Don became ill during training. Don ended up in a mortar company and I ended up in a weapons company. He operated by the DMZ and I was in the mountains west of Danang. We communicated often by letter until his letters stopped coming. I was wounded myself, and sent home. I wasn't told about Don until I was in the Philadelphia Naval Hospital.

I'm guilty of not trying to stay in touch with his family. It was just too hard for me to face. I waited too long. I made several attempts to get in touch with his sister during the past ten years, but has no success.

Dan M.

Once again it is Veterans Day. Even more I think of you and your Marine Brother Kevin. I can never seem to express but the same thoughts and words to tell you how badly I miss you and how fortunate I was to grow up with you if even for such a short time. We both grew up to be young men and even as I become older, I remember our promise to each other and I never will forget the promise to remain your friend. My love for you Don is evident by the cuff I wear that bears your name. I have worn it for 2 years now and plan to take it to my grave to symbolize the eternal bond of friendship. I know in that place of eternal rest, my dad found you many years ago and now my mom. I am sure she will tell you about my devotion to honoring you. Then, I am sure you know. It's all for you my friend. It's all for you.

November 11, 2012 - Veterans Day


I remember so clearly the days of running through the tall grass in that empty lot next to your home. Somehow, I still see you in that cowboy hat with the rope secured under your chin. I can remember the time you and I drew blood and held our wounds together to become "blood brothers". I remember the day you went away. You never came back.

I remember the day I learned you had died. God damn it Donnie. I denied it and refused to believe my best friend was gone. But when you returned home to be buried, I was not there. I am sorry Donnie.

I let you down Donnie, and I can only pray you will forgive me for not being there when you returned. I have never forgotten you and cry when I think of you. Even after all this time, I cry.

I will visit the Vietnam Memorial and I will walk to the panel that displays your name. I will weep when I read your name. I will pray to my God to hold you close. I pray to our God to let you rest in Heaven in Peace. When you think of me, like I do of you, remember us as two young boys loving our youth before the adult complexity of this world would rob us of our innocence. Upon my return home, I will go to your grave and place a flag. Once again, I will have private time to talk to you again. I will talk about our early years together. I will remember the neighborhood birthday parties and the games of hide and seek and cowboys. I may struggle with the words, but I will get them out. I don't have to be reminded how I loved you and how deep the void left by your leaving.

It took me a lifetime to learn how much you meant to me. I learned about the special love that makes ordinary people best friends. And I will have blessed a special bracelet that bears your name. I will wear it in honor of you for the rest of my life.

When people see it and ask who Donald Elliot was, I can proudly tell them who Donald Elliott is. I will tell them Donald Elliott is my best friend, my blood brother and a hero. I will tell them my best friend was then and always will be a United States Marine!

Only the departed know about Heaven. And when my time here is done, I will look forward to seeing you once more. I will see you as that young boy who with me, played in that field of grass. Until that time, that is the Donald Elliott I will always remember.

Rest in Peace my dear friend.

Your Blood Brother, Larry Celani

Donnie... I wrote this yesterday. " After 42 years of denial, there is no way to deny it now. The bonds of friendship of our youth transcend time and it is at moments like this, the depth of those friendships become known. It never stops hurting." We once promised each other we would be friends forever. Some may say that was a childhood fantasy. But I took that promise seriously, and the pain reminds me how much you meant to this man. As life went on, your memory may have faded a bit, but it was never gone. I thought of you often, and wondered where you were. I often wished that what I had heard was only a rumor. As I get older now, I Find myself missing so many friends. I miss my dad, my wife and I miss you. And Don, if you wonder when I will move on, well I will when I am ready. Right now, I have to grieve and spend that time honoring a beloved friend.



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